Portland OR

Most recent update: April 1, 2020.

The Swan Island Shipyard in Portland was originally an emergency yard, built with 8 ways in the fifth wave of shipbuilding expansion, with $23mm from the USMC.  The yard was one of the four specifically designed to build T-2 tankers: see their production record here.  It was built on land belonging to the Port of Portland, which bought the yard after the war and operated it as a common-user ship repair facility until 1999, when it sold it to its principal tenant, Cascade General, Inc., who continued to market it as a repair yard until 2005, when they formed a joint venture with Oregon Iron Works called US Barge and began building barges, later changing the name, first to US Fab and then to Vigor Fab.  Since then, they have added the former Todd Seattle (now Vigor Seattle), Alaska Ship & Dry Dock and Seward Ship's Dry Dock (together now Vigor Alaska), Kvichak Marine (now Vigor Ballard), Oregon Iron Works (now Vigor Clackamas and Vigor Vancouver), Marine Industries Northwest (now Vigor Tacoma), and Washington Marine Repair (now Vigor Port Angeles).  Visit the company here and see the Portland shipyard from the air on Google here.
 Hull # O.N. Original Name  Original Owner Vessel Type  GT Ft. Delivery Disposition

Built by Cascade General

    Esperanza Puerto Quetzal Power Power Barge     2004 Active

Built by US Barge

1 1205188 Hou'omaka Hou Young Brothers Deck Barge 4,511 326 15-Sep-07 Active
2 1206934 Left Coast Lifter American Bridge Crane Barge 7,695 384 28-Feb-08 Active
3 1208635 Maka'ala Young Brothers Deck Barge 4,505 326 25-Jun-08 Active
4 1214969 Kala'enalu  Young Brothers Deck Barge 4,505 326 2-Dec-08 Active
5 1219456 Ha'aheo Young Brothers Deck Barge 4,511 326 18-Sep-09 Active
6 1214967 David Fanning Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 239 10-Dec-08 Active
7 1217419 Bernie Briere Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 239 2-Mar-09 Active
8 1218201 Lily Blair Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 239 1-Jun-09 Active
9 1219418 Nathan Schmidt Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 239 27-Jul-09 Active
10 1223665 Sixty Five Roses Harley Marine Tank Barge 6,699 404 17-Mar-10 Active
11 1228172 Anne Elizabeth Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,746 239 14-Oct-10 Active
12 1231400 Cauneq Northside Gas Tank Barge 364 155 25-Apr-11 Active
13 1235165 Betsy Arntz Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 239 30-Nov-11 Active
14   Hull 73 Georgia Pacific Covered Barge 527   May-12 Active
15       Mooring Barge        
16 1249384 Iliuliuk Bay Harley Marine Deck Barge 2,003 239 28-Jan-14 Active

Built by Vigor Fab

17 1249684 Freedom American Const'n. Hopper Barge 2,398 232 6-Apr-14 Active
18 na Unnamed King County Maint. Barge na   2014 Active
19 1254584 Crown Point Tidewater B.L. Tugboat 516 98 4-Aug-15 Active
20 1259541 Granite Point Tidewater B.L. Tugboat 516 98 23-Feb-16 Active
21 1259618 Ryan Point Tidewater B.L. Tugboat 516 98 23-Jun-16 Active
22 1251829 Fight Fanconi Anemia Harley Marine Tank Barge 6,685 404 8-Jul-15 Active
 23 1255404 Fight A.L.S. Harley Marine Tank Barge 6,695 404 11-Feb-16 Active
    Sea Hunter DARPA Drone Ship     2016 Active
Built by Vigor Industrial - Portland
137 1268451 Antril S Hyak Leasing Tank Barge 5,765 313 19-May-16 Active
138 1271009 Harvest Savage Marine Ammonia Barge 18,042 483 17-Jul-17 Active
    OE Buoy Ocean Energy Ocean Buoy 3,525   2018 Building