Miami FL

Most recent update: August 26, 2021.

This yard was originally called Fogal Boat Yard, Inc., and was owned by Jay Fogal.  In 1939 it was reorganized, with new investors, and renamed Miami Shipbuilding Corporation.  The yard was on both sides of the Miami River, between SW 2nd and 3rd Avenues, and was the second largest wartime employer in Miami.  Its magnificent Art Moderne office building at 615 SW 2nd Ave acted the part of the police station on "Miami Vice" and was a protected building until somebody unprotected it and pulled it down.  The post-war boatyard was on the south side of the river, west of the bridge: see it on Google here.  Miami Shipbuilding is best known for developing the famous "Miamis", designed by Dair Long, which were the crash boat (technically Air-Sea Rescue Boat, or ASR) of choice in WWII, and they built 740 of them, 329 in their own yard and 411 through subcontracts.  After the war, they moved into recreational boats and hydrofoils but closed in the 1970s.  Their construction record is VERY confusing: if anyone can add to the table below, please send your info to
Hull # O.N. Original Name/Number Original Owner Type Model LDT Ft. Built Disposition
Built by Fogal Boat Yard
  Isola Stella E. H. R. Green Gondola     52 1928  
  Old River W. H. Vanderpoel House Boat     130 1928  
    US DoH Harbor Launch     24 1939 3 boats
Built by Miami Shipbuilding
  PT 1 US Navy Torpedo Boat     59 1941 Prototype, later C 6083, at Melville RI
  PT 2 US Navy Torpedo Boat     59 1941 Prototype, later C 6084, at Newport RI
  R 1 to 8 US Navy Crash Boat 127 23 63 1941 8 boats, all for South Africa
  US Navy Crash Boat 152 23 63 1941 82 boats, some to the RN
  US Navy Crash Boat 168 23 63 1941 16 boats
  R 9 to 19 US Navy Crash Boat 252 23 63 1944 11 boats, all for South Africa
  RPC 1 to 50 US Navy Crash Boat 293 23 63 1943 50 boats, all for the USSR
283587 P-372 US Navy Crash Boat 293   63 1943 Sold as Swan
  US Navy Crash Boat 314 23 63 1944 146 boats
  US Navy Crash Boat 440 23 63 1945 20 boats, 6 for the USA