Oakland CA

Most recent update: August 31, 2021.

William Cryer, an immigrant from England, established his shipyard in the 1890s, in San Francisco.  He moved it to 11th Avenue in Oakland in 1907 and then to Dennison Street in 1912, just below the Coast Guard Island Bridge, where it stayed until it closed in 1989.  Although it's been closed for over 25 years, it's still there, because the site is still contaminated: see it from the air on Google here.  For most of the time, Cryer built and repaired power boats: apart from its wartime experience, it only built a few large boats.  If anyone can add to the table below, please send your input to me at 

Hull # O.N. Original Name or # Original Owner Ship Type Tons Feet Delivery Disposition
  255456 AMc 176/APc 41 US Navy Coastal Transport 100 147 10-Feb-43 Sold 1947 as Frances Ann
  255445 AMc 177/APc 42 US Navy Coastal Transport 100 147 10-Mar-43 Sold 1947 as Donna M
    AMc 178/APc 43 US Navy Coastal Transport 100 147 20-Apr-43 To MARAD 1947
    AMc 179/APc 44 US Navy Coastal Transport 100 147 18-May-43 To MARAD 1947