Brooklyn NY

Most recent update: August 26, 2021.

Continental Shipbuilding apparently operated on the same site as the legendary Continental Iron Works, builder of the Monitor.  Can anyone tell me more about it, or add to the table below?  If so, please send your info to 

Name Hull # O.N. Owner Type Type # LDT LOA Built Disposition
      US Army Tug ST 752 155 86 Aug-44 Sold 194x as Salvador
      US Army Tug ST 753 155 86 Aug-44 To USACE as Prewitt, sold 1982, lost 1994
      US Army Tug ST 754 155 86 Sep-44 Sold 1946 as Ursa, later Bill, Ernest Perdue 1973, Sharon P 1979, scrapped 1992
      US Army Tug ST 755 155 86 Oct-44 Sold in Greece 194x as Vernicos Irini, now in a museum in Istanbul
      US Army Tug ST 756 155 86 Oct-44 Sold in Greece 194x as Poseidon, Fouli 1998, no record after 2007
      US Army Tug ST 757 155 86 Nov-44 Sold in Greece 1949 as Herkules, later Conde de Ruisenada, Duende, sank 1978