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J. W. Nolan & Sons, Erie PA

Most recent update: July 17, 2013.

J. W. Nolan & Sons was located on the West Public Dock Wall, in Erie.  If anyone has any data to add to the table below, please send it to timcolton@aol.com

 Hull # Original Name  Original Owner Vessel Type  GT Delivery Disposition
Built by J. W. Nolan & Sons
  Rita Ann   Fishing Vessel 14 1946 Later Art Swaer II, now Peter-Paul
  Ann Adair   Passenger Vessel 12 1946 Later Golden Triangle Cruiser II, Sound Cruiser, Julie Marie, Rainbow, Good Ship Lollipop, scuttled 2005
  Luella Mae Ruleau Bros. Fishing Vessel 14 1947 Active
  Mary S Stanley Stucznski Fishing Vessel 14 1947 Later Bounty, now Art Swaer IV
  Doris M H. C. Monroe & Sons Fishing Vessel 14 1947 Active
  Judy Maureen   Passenger Vessel 14 1948 Now Islander II
  Sonny S John E. Schneider Passenger Vessel 15 1948 Active
  North Star Charity Island Tpt Passenger Vessel 14 1949 Active
  Mary Beth   Fishing Vessel 16 1950 Foundered 1972
  Edith Belle   Fishing Vessel 13 1950 Now Water Fox
  Patty P & D Fisheries Passenger Vessel 14 1950 Later Claverack II, now Mary N
  Kathleen   Passenger Vessel 11 1951 Later Laguna Queen
  Judy Colleen   Passenger Vessel 11 1951 Later Carol Diane, Molly Brown
  Delta Diver Allen Marine Cargo Vessel 16 1951 Active
  Linda Mae   Fishing Vessel 13 1952 Later Karen Ann, Zig, now Linda Mae
  G. A. Boeckling II   Passenger Vessel 11 1952 Later Cedar Point III, Island Trader, now Lady Kate
  Cedar Point   Passenger Vessel 11 1952 Later Arrow, Pocahontas II, now Nightingale
  Frontier II     16 1953 Later Blue Water
  Eileen   Fishing Vessel 14 1954 Later Miss Massena, Oswegatchie Maid, Yank
  Lance   Fishing Vessel 14 1954 Later Jeanette S
  Christina Mae   Passenger Vessel 11 1954 Now Nightingale II
  Victor   Passenger Vessel 11 1955 Later Mackinaw Clipper, Carolyn, River Princess, Island Queen II, now Island Queen
  Lance II   Passenger Vessel 11 1955 Later River Prince, Judy Ann
  Streamliner   Passenger Vessel 11 1955 Later Flagship
  Patty   Passenger Vessel 11 1958 Later Good Ship Lollipop, Huck Finn
  Bridget Ann II   Passenger Vessel 11 1958 Later Miss Massena, Poplar Mist, Uncle Sam II
  Tina Marie   Passenger Vessel 12 1959 Later Skyliner, Packet II
  Captain Paul II Clinton River Cruises Passenger Vessel 14 1960 Active
  The Flame   Passenger Vessel 14 1960 Later Flame, Good Ship Lollipop, Rainbow, now Victory
  Laurie Gene   Passenger Vessel 14 1960 Later Treasure Islander, Chee Maun Nest, Captain Nichols II
  Patricia   Passenger Vessel 49 1963 Later Sunshine City, La Salle, now Mishe Mokwa
  Holiday Trident Marine Passenger Vessel 25 1964 Active
  Laurie Gene II   Passenger Vessel 49 1968 To Brazil 1972
  Stirling   Passenger Vessel 87 1972  
  Karen Ann   Passenger Vessel 49 1973 Later Bon Soo, Bagotville II, now Nouvelle France
  Long Island Queen Shoreline Boating Service Passenger Vessel 87 1975 Now Cargo Queen
  Kim Elaine   Passenger Vessel 87 1975  
108 Adventure Connecticut River Exp. Passenger Vessel 70 1981 Active
110 Steven Thomas Wallace D. Thomas Passenger Vessel 99 1979 Active
Built by Nolan Boat Works
001 Holiday S. & M. Inc. Passenger Vessel 76 1988 Active