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Vigor Fab, Portland OR

(formerly US Barge and US Fab)

Most recent update: July 28, 2016.

Vigor Fab was originally a joint venture of Cascade General and Oregon Iron Works called US Barge, operating in the Swan Island shipyard.  It is now a division of Vigor Industrial, which also owns the former Todd yard in Seattle and the former Alaska Ship & Dry Dock in Ketchikan.  Visit the shipyard, which is also known as US Fab, here and see it from the air on Google here.

 Hull # O.N. Original Name  Original Owner Vessel Type  GT Delivery Disposition

Built by Cascade General

    Esperanza Puerto Quetzal Power Power Barge   2004 Active

Built by US Barge

1 1205188 Ho Omaka Hou Young Brothers Deck Barge 4,511 15-Sep-07 Active
2 1206934 Left Coast Lifter American Bridge Crane Barge 6,872 28-Feb-08 Active
3 1208635 Maka Ala Young Brothers Deck Barge 4,505 25-Jun-08 Active
4 1214969 Kala'Enalu  Young Brothers Deck Barge 4,505 2-Dec-08 Active
5 1219456 Ha A Heo Young Brothers Deck Barge 4,525 18-Sep-09 Active
6 1214967 David Fanning Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 10-Dec-08 Active
7 1217419 Bernie Briere Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 2-Mar-09 Active
8 1218201 Lily Blair Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 1-Jun-09 Active
9 1219418 Nathan Schmidt Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 27-Jul-09 Active
10 1223665 Sixty Five Roses Harley Marine Tank Barge 6,699 17-Mar-10 Active
11 1228172 Anne Elizabeth Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,746 14-Oct-10 Active
12 1231400 Cauneq Northside Gas Tank Barge 364 25-Apr-11 Active
13 1235165 Betsy Arntz Harley Marine Tank Barge 2,724 30-Nov-11 Active
14   Hull 73 Georgia Pacific Covered Barge   May-12 Active

Built by US Fab

16 1249384 Iliuliuk Bay Harley Marine Deck Barge 2,003 28-Jan-14 Active
17 1249684 Freedom American Const'n. Hopper Barge 2,603 6-Apr-14 Active
18     King County Maint. Barge   2014 Building
19 1254584 Crown Point Tidewater B.L. Tugboat 363 4-Aug-15 Active
20 1259541 Granite Point Tidewater B.L. Tugboat 363 23-Feb-16 Active
21 1259618 Ryan Point Tidewater B.L. Tugboat 516 23-Jun-16 Active
22 1251829 Fight Fanconi Anemia Harley Marine Tank Barge 6,685 8-Jul-15 Active
 23 1255404 Fight A.L.S. Harley Marine Tank Barge 6,695 11-Feb-16 Active