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Maryland Shipbuilding & Drydock, Baltimore MD

(formerly Globe Shipbuilding & Dry Dock)

Most recent update: May 9, 2011.

Maryland Shipbuilding & Drydock's yard was originally developed in 1920, by Globe Shipbuilding, of Superior WI, but it closed in 1921.  A new company, Maryland Drydock, took over the yard almost immediately.  Fruehauf Corp. bought it in 1968 and closed it in 1984: it's been a car terminal ever since.  The yard was located in the Fairfield section of Baltimore, immediately to the west of Childs Street, adjoining the site that would later become the huge Bethlehem-Fairfield yard.  See it from the air on Google here.  Note that there was another Maryland Shipbuilding, which built wooden cargo ships during World War I: this was located at Sollers Point, which is on the Dundalk side of the Key Bridge.  If anyone can provide any add to the table below, please e-mail me at timcolton@aol.com 

Hull # Original Name Original Owner Type GT Delivery Disposition
Built by Globe Shipbuilding & Dry Dock
101 San Leopoldo Eagle Oil Transport Tanker 5,671 Jul-21 Scrapped 1935
102 San Leonardo Eagle Oil Transport Tanker 5,671 Aug-21 Scrapped 1935
Built by Maryland Drydock
  Northern No. 43     2,215 1921  
  Howard W. Jackson City of Baltimore Ferry 379 1925 Sold 1939
113 City of Hampton Chesapeake Ferry Co. Ferry 440 Apr-30 Later Champlain 1958, active
  Norfolk County Norfolk County Ferries Ferry 703 1937 Later Great Bridge 1957
  Gov. Harry W. Nice State of Maryland Ferry 773 1938 Later Olympic 1951, sold 1997, laid up in Puget Sound
  Don Ernesto   Tanker 2,609 1947  
129 Gov. Herbert R. O'Conor State of Maryland Ferry 937 Feb-47 Later Rhododendron 1953
130 Islander Nantucket S.A. Ferry 855 1950 To Governor's Island NY 2007, sold on E-Bay 2009
    State of Maryland Tunnel Sections   1956 For the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel
133 Point Barrow (AKD 1) U.S. Navy Support Ship 6,100 May-58 Later Point Loma (AGDS 2), scrapped 2006
135 Floridian Containerships Inc. Container/Roro 4,680 1960 Later Pan Antilles 1974, Freeport Express 1983, Frigid Sea 1990, Atlas 1994, Atlantic Frost 2004
136 New Yorker Containerships Inc. Container/Roro 4,680 1960 Later Aleutian Developer 1976, scrapped 1987
Built by Maryland Shipbuilding & Drydock
140 Atlantis II Woods Hole Inst. Research Ship 1,701 1963 Later Antares 1996, Atlantis II 2007
141 Victoria NW Hydrofoil Lines Ferry 87 1965 Scrapped
142 Seafreeze Atlantic U.S. Seafoods Factory Trawler 1,593 Feb-69 Later Arctic Trawler 1980, Polyarniy 1985, Seafreeze Alaska 1995
143 Seafreeze Pacific U.S. Seafoods Factory Trawler 1,593 Apr-69 Later Royal Sea 1973, Katie Ann 1996
144 North River City of New York Sludge Carrier 2,617 1974 Active
145 Valerie F Intercoastal Bulk Carriers Dry Bulk Barge 14,493 1976 Later Calrice Transport, Zorra, destroyed by fire 1999